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Opioid Addiction Rehab


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a group in opioid addiction rehab holds handsOpioid addiction is a serious and growing problem. Millions of Americans live with an opioid use disorder, and the number continues to rise. Opioids are natural and synthetic painkillers that can be highly addictive when taken for an extended period of time or in large doses. The opioid addiction rehab program at Sophros Recovery in Tampa, FL, is designed to provide comprehensive support for breaking the cycle of addiction.

Our team of professionals knows how important it is to bring a holistic approach to addiction treatment. We utilize therapy, medication-assisted treatment, case management, and alumni support. Clients can reconnect with themselves and build the foundation for a better future. Call 813.592.7053 today to find help for yourself or a loved one in one of our substance abuse treatment programs.

Types of Opioids

Opioids are a class of drugs that includes heroin, synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, and pain relievers available legally by prescription, such as:

  • Oxycodone (OxyContin)
  • Hydrocodone (Vicodin)
  • Codeine
  • Morphine

These drugs interact with opioid receptors on nerve cells in the body and brain. While they can be safe when taken for a short time and as prescribed by a doctor, opioids are frequently misused because they produce euphoria in addition to pain relief.

Sophros Recovery offers compassionate support that helps our clients address the root causes of addiction so they can reclaim control of their lives.

Our Four-Step Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

We believe in treating the whole person, not just the addiction. Our four-step approach to opioid addiction rehab includes:


Therapy is a crucial part of our treatment program. Our therapists use evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to help patients understand their addiction, develop coping strategies, and work through any underlying issues that may contribute to substance misuse.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use disorders. It is an effective way to manage opioid withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, and improve patient survival. MAT is not suitable for every client. Our team will help determine if it is appropriate for substance history, current circumstances, and future goals.

Case Management

Our team works closely with clients to coordinate care, navigate health systems, link to community resources, and support recovery goals. These steps help navigate common hurdles and inspire our clients to pursue their future goals.

Alumni Support

We offer robust alumni support to ensure long-term recovery. This includes ongoing support group meetings, social activities, and opportunities for alumni to mentor those newly in recovery. The safety net of alumni promotes long-term recovery and lessens the risk of relapse.

Our four-step approach guides our opioid addiction rehab and all of our programs at every level of care.

Levels of Care at Our Opioid Addiction Rehab Center in Tampa, FL

We offer several levels of outpatient care to bridge the gap between residential treatment and independent recovery.

Day or Night Treatment Program

Our day/night treatment program offers a structured environment with medical supervision. This program provides therapeutic services during the day, but clients return home in the evening.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The intensive outpatient program is less intense than the day/night treatment program and is designed for clients who require a high level of support but do not need round-the-clock care. We also offer evening IOP options for even more flexibility.

Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program is available to graduates of our other programs. It allows patients to live at home and attend to daily responsibilities while receiving treatment.

At Sophros Recovery, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care for opioid addiction. We understand that recovery is a journey, and we are here every step of the way to help you or your loved one overcome addiction and regain control of life.

Start Opioid Addiction Treatment in Tampa by Calling Sophros Recovery

If you or someone you love is struggling with opioid addiction, reach out to Sophros Recovery today. Our compassionate team is ready to help you take the first step toward lasting recovery. Call 813.592.7053 or complete our online form now to learn more about our treatment options and start on the path to a healthier, happier life.