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Group Therapy


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A group of people in a group therapy programAddiction therapy programs can use a variety of methods to support your recovery from drug or alcohol problems. One important consideration is the setting used to provide your treatment. Some treatments may be provided in the one-on-one setting of individual therapy. However, the more common choice is group therapy, which provides help for multiple people at the same time. Importantly, a group therapy program does more than help recovery professionals maximize their resources. It also provides you with some vital recovery advantages not available in individual therapy.

At Sophros Recovery Tampa, we make extensive use of group therapy services. You can use these services as part of your recovery from any kind of substance problem. Our goal is to give you every possible advantage for your timely return to stable sobriety. Contact us today to find out more.

The Fundamentals of Group Therapy Programs

Group therapy takes its name from its basic treatment format. In this format, at least one therapist works with multiple clients to support their progress toward wellness. As a rule, all group participants have similar recovery needs and will benefit from the same kinds of treatment. 

When you begin therapy, your therapist will help you get comfortable with the idea of working alongside other people. They’ll also explain how the format works. Key features of any type of group therapy include:

  • Direct conversations between you and your therapist
  • Conversations between your therapist and other therapy participants
  • Guidance your therapist provides to the entire group
  • Group discussions between you and your therapy peers

One of the best things about group therapy is that the format is adaptable. It can be adjusted to suit the goals of almost any kind of psychotherapy. This fact helps explain why group sessions are so common in substance treatment programs.

How You Can Benefit from Group Therapy in Tampa

There are some important reasons for making group therapy part of your recovery plan. The biggest advantages can vary from person to person. But generally speaking, the therapy is known for:

  • Providing you with a crucial source of peer support during rehab
  • Helping you avoid feeling isolated during the recovery process
  • Making it easier to put your recovery challenges into perspective
  • Providing positive models for your sobriety efforts
  • Helping you successfully navigate obstacles to your recovery

The social element of group therapy is critical. By interacting with your peers, as well as your therapist, you gain advantages not found in individual therapy. At Sophros Recovery Tampa, our mission is to provide you with the full benefits of the group approach. 

The Role of Group Therapy Services in Your Recovery

Group therapy in FL is often a cornerstone of successful drug and alcohol recovery for Tampa residents. However, it may not be the only element in your customized treatment plan. Individual therapy is often an important complement to a therapy group. That’s true because it provides a level of personalized attention not possible in group treatment. 

You may also need medication to recover from specific types of substance problems. Typically, medication is not used as a therapy replacement. Instead, it’s used alongside therapy to promote your overall recovery success.

Turn to Sophros Recovery Tampa Today for Group Therapy in FL

Chances are that you’ll benefit from a group therapy program during drug or alcohol treatment. This therapy uses the natural social bonds between human beings to provide some unique recovery advantages. It’s also adaptable to a wide range of psychotherapy techniques. 

Want to know more about adding group therapy in Tampa to your customized treatment plan? Consult the rehab professionals at Sophros Recovery Tampa today. We can answer any question you may have about this essential rehab resource. We can also devise a course of therapy that meets your unique recovery needs. Just call us today at 813.592.7053 or use our online contact form.