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Day or Night Treatment Program


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a doctor works with a client in a partial hospitalization programThe time between residential addiction treatment and feeling comfortable in recovery may feel empty. With so much change and the amount of work ahead, finding encouragement and support during this time can be an important component of recovery. The day or night treatment program at Sophros Recovery in Tampa, FL, offers a range of evidence-based therapies and comprehensive care.

Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the challenges of early recovery so you can achieve the goals that are important to you. Through individual and group therapy, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) when necessary, case management, and alumni support, our clients learn how to regain control of their lives. Call 813.592.7053 now to get help for yourself or a loved one in one of our addiction treatment programs.

Is a Day or Night Treatment Program for Addiction Right for You?

A day or night treatment program provides comprehensive treatment while allowing you to return home instead of sleeping at the treatment center, similar to a partial care program. This provides some flexibility and a regained sense of independence for many coming from a residential treatment setting. Finding the right level of care for the current leg of your recovery journey helps you continue to make progress. A day or night treatment program is likely a good fit if you:

  • Are medically stable and do not have thoughts of self-harm – Since day or night treatment does not provide 24/7 support, you should be able to receive treatment during the day and return home in the evening without facing dangerous circumstances.
  • Have a strong home environment – Returning to a substance-free setting after treatment is critical to maintaining sobriety. Your living environment should also be supportive rather than accusatory. If you do not have a safe, supportive home life, sober living arrangements may be needed.
  • Are motivated to achieve your goals in recovery – The commitment to a better future includes regaining control of your life so you can focus on what matters to you. Rather than drugs or alcohol, you should start living for what truly fulfills you.

The day or night treatment program at Sophros Recovery is a welcoming, supportive space where you can reconnect with yourself and build bonds with others as you take the first steps toward a better future.

Our Day or Night Treatment Center in Tampa

Evidence-Based Therapy

Individual and group therapy sessions help identify and modify negative behaviors. One-on-one sessions are held at least once a week to reconnect clients with a healthier sense of self. Group sessions are regularly held and allow clients to develop bonds with others in recovery. They also learn new skills for managing cravings, navigating hurdles, and rebuilding relationships.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT can help manage cravings, especially during early recovery. It works well to complement other evidence-based therapy methods and life skills development. However, MAT is not right for everyone. We work closely with each client to determine if medication-assisted treatment is right for their situation, substance use history, and recovery goals.

Case Management and Life Skills

Resuming daily life after getting sober brings a mountain of new challenges. We equip our clients with the tools to understand and manage routine hurdles. Our team provides educational workshops and resource coordination for financial planning, job seeking, and other situations.

Alumni Support

The road to recovery is a lifelong journey, and our support doesn’t end when treatment is over. We keep graduates connected through our alumni program to provide additional support during the transition from treatment to independent life.

Your journey to a better future doesn’t end when you leave residential treatment. Support is available as you regain control of your life. Sophros Recovery in Tampa, Florida, is here to help.

Call to Start at Our Day or Night Treatment Center in Tampa

Take the next step in your journey to lasting recovery by contacting Sophros Recovery online or at 813.592.7053. Our team will work with you to determine if our day or night treatment program is the right fit for your current needs and goals. With evidence-based therapies, comprehensive care, and ongoing support, we are dedicated to helping you or a loved one regain control of life and achieve a better future.